Our stories

We do believe that every women has the potential to contribute to improvements in their own lives

Our events & programs

We now runs a number of programmes in Africa to address a broad range of issues

Our team

We pay special attention to reducing marginalization in women and poor communities

Unity Makes Strength

Our partners are from all over the world

Abouts Us

Women in Water & Natural Resources Conservation (WWANC) is a native Kenyan NGO, committed to improving lives across a dynamic and pillars namely health, education, economic empowerment and rights & governance.

Contact Info


Location: Milimani Estate, Along Statehouse Road, Next to Apple Gate Academy

Phone: (+254) 0718 905725
Address: P.O. Box 2802-50100 Kakamega, Kenya.

Email: info@www.wwanc.org womeninconservation@yahoo.com


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