Who We Are

Woman in Water and Natural Resource Conservation (WWANC) is a non-governmental organization in Kenya, headquartered in Kakamega Town. The organization was founded by two duo namely; Stella and Rose, in the year 2009 to support grassroots women on critical issues affecting them. WWANC work focuses on broad issues affecting women and these ranges from climate change, food security, water, family health, financial wellbeing, and education in communities.

Today, WWANC-Kenya has evolved as a vibrant grassroots woman led agency dedicated in changing the way grassroots women think about and deliver development. We know that the communities especially women we work with every day have it within them what it takes to change their own lives. WWANC strategy therefore is rooted on the fact that true and sustainable development starts from within grassroots levels thus we employ bottom up approach while developing our interventions. The premise of our work at WWANC Kenya is anchored on a programming approach that recognizes the role of women as change agents. We desire to see women that are equipped to transform society through enabled opportunity for participation of women in development.

To realize to participation of women in development, WWANC adapted a model called ‘Women Centered Community Development (WCCD)’ that allows women and Vulnerable Persons (VP) to take leadership in their own development. Our unique WCCD has two pathways where the first pathway is focused on participation and empowerment of women/girls. Second pathway is focused on wider community so that they can have effective implementation of the women focused development needs that are inclusive to all persons.



WWANC approach of WCCD targets the most vulnerable households in collaboration with Village Committees (VC) and other forms of community leadership structure. We do include households with elderly, chronically ill or disabled members, among other categories of beneficiaries. WCCD allows WWANC to advocate on behalf of the communities we work with, giving them voice on a local and international stage, and ensuring their interests and concerns are considered at the highest level. WWANC motto is “Equipped woman transforms Society”.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote resilient communities through health, education climate & economic justice for grassroots women in Africa.

Our Vision

We envision a community where women are equipped for sustainable development.

Our Values

Women – Centered
Integrity Ownership
Human Dignity

We always
see hope

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